The HKSAR Government pledged to develop and promote green purchasing in the government and private sectors so as to reduce waste generation and stimulate the recycling industry in December 2005. In the Policy Address 2006-07, our Chief Executive also appeals to the trade and industry sectors to protect the environment, in which green procurement methods in the operations are highly recommended. The Government suggests local private sector businesses and members to be guided and assisted in the selection, purchase and use of "green" products and services produced, offered and consumed in environmentally responsible manners without unnecessary sacrifices on quality of life or the natural environment. In his Policy Address 2009-10 and after the task force on economic challenges meeting in June 2009, the Chief Executive also announced that the Government will expand the scope of green purchasing and take the lead in making Hong Kong a green city through legislation and specific green measures.


Organizational Structure

HKGPC Founding Members

Currently, The HKGPC Founding Members who come from the authorities, public utility companies, businesses, theme parks, expert groups, non-government organizations and academia. The HKGPC Founding Members provides strategic guidance, direction and support for the development and implementation of the HKGPC.

List of the HKGPC Founding Members (in alphabetical order)

Airport Authority Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Housing Authority
Hospital Authorit
MTR Corporation
NWS Holdings Limited
Ocean Park Corporation
Shui On Land
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited


Technical Vetting Committee

Formed by stakeholders and local experts, the Technical Vetting Committee aims to provide expertises on the development and production of the Green Purchasing Best Practices Guidebook, vetting HKGPC memberships, and ensure the proper operations of the HKGPC.


The HKGPC Advisors provide expertise guidance, direction and support for the development and implementation of the HKGPC.

List of HKGPC Advisors (in alphabetical order)

Environmental Resources Management Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Procurement Professional Association
Hong Kong Waste Management Association
International Green Purchasing Network
The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Hong Kong Branch

Supporting Organizations

​List of Supporting Organizations (in alphabetical order)

Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Productivity Council
The British Chamber of Commerce
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
WHY should you join the HKGPC?

HKGPC members should benefit from:

  1. increasing awareness of, appreciation for, and competency in green purchasing within their own business operations;
  2. immediate and then continual access to and updating of substantial practical green purchasing information, guidance, assistance, support and experience sharing through the various HKGPC initiatives;
  3. exclusive offers of and accessibility to practical training, instruction, peer consultation, and expert advice on targeted green purchasing;
  4. exposure to, and ability to interact directly with, other progressive organizations (i.e. leading producers and suppliers and/or environmentally concerned procurers) through the Cyber Green Centre and other mechanisms, that could lead to valuable, productive and profitable business opportunities and arrangements (i.e. "green supply and demand networking");
  5. recognition and reputation as a sector environmental management and performance leader (most notably and appropriately in the area of green procurement and purchasing);
  6. enhanced supply-chain management through the opportunity to identify, gain value knowledge and impartial feedback about, and purchase good quality and "green" consumables from credible and reliable suppliers; and
  7. authorization to use the HKGPC logo for publicity and marketing purposes and advice on how to do so in an effective way to achieve positive results.

The Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter
HKGPC logo right will be given to members for publicity purpose.

WHO can become the HKGPC member?

Applicant should have business registered and/or operation within Hong Kong.

Membership category is classified based on staff employed by the applicant

  • SMEs: manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; 
    or a non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong 

  • Large corporations: manufacturing business which employs more than 100 persons in Hong Kong; 
    or a non-manufacturing business which employs more than 50 persons in Hong Kong
HKGPC Membership Rights

Each participating organization can enjoy the following benefits based upon the specific membership level achieved:

The Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter
Associate Member
Fellow Member
Authorized HKGPC Logo Use
HKGPC Membership Certification With a Membership Certificate for Display Purposes
Company name listed on HKGPC website
Company logo listed on HKGPC website
Company website's hyperlink listed on HKGPC website
News and Event Notifications
Priority Seating at Free Seminars / Workshops
Green Purchasing Guidance and Advice
Discounts and Priority Access for Paid Events
Input into CSR report (once per year)
Priority Invitation on Supporting and Participating Environmental Protection Activities Organised by Green Council
Discount on the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme
Discount on Purchasing Products with Green Label
Arrangement and Provision of Experience Sharing Opportunities and Events
Publication and Promotion of Individual Member’s Green Purchasing Achievements (with prior permission from Member officials)
Member’s Logo Included in HKGPC Promotional and Information Materials – e.g. Documentation, Exhibit Signage, etc. – As and When Appropriate
Notification of, and Invitation to Participate in Future Collaboration Initiatives and Events [as the HKGPC Evolves and Expands]


HKGPC Membership Obligations

Apart from the requirements of the Statement of Commitment, members are under the following obligations upon the specific membership level achieved:


Membership Type
Associate Member

Develop and adopt green purchasing policy and strategy in order to meet the core HKGPC membership requirements


Implement, assess, and report on green purchasing policy, strategy, efforts and achievements, in order to evolve to Fellowship Member status

Fellow Member

"Take the Lead" by demonstrating strong, progressive and sustained corporate social responsibility, while guiding and assisting other organizations in launching and practicing green purchasing


Membership Categories and Fees


Company Type 1
Membership Category
Qualifying Score
Bi-annual Membership Fee
Associate Member 0 - 5 HK$ 2,000
Member 6 - 10 HK$ 3,000
Fellow Member 11 - 16 HK$ 6,000
Large Corporation
Associate Member 0 - 5

HK$ 10,000

Member 6 - 10

HK$ 30,000

Fellow Member 11 - 16 HK$ 50,000


  1. SME: manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or a non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong
    Large Corporation: manufacturing business which employs more than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or a non-manufacturing business which employs more than 50 persons in Hong Kong
Logos for different membership schemes


Regulations for HKGPC Logo Use


To enable identification and recognition of the commitments, efforts and achievements of Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter (HKGPC) members, these selected companies and organisations are entitled to properly make use of the unique and officially registered and protected HKGPC logo in order to disseminate and raise awareness of their commitment to environmental responsibility and protection.

Applications of the HKGPC Logo
Letterhead, Newsletter, Literature & Business Card
Advertisement & Promotional Materials (For example: Websites\Leaflets\Catalogues)
Delivery Packaging & Product Packagings
Recruitment Page
  1. The HKGPC Logo can be used only by companies and organisations that have qualified for and been granted valid HKGPC membership by Green Council officials.
  2. The following table shows some currently acceptable HKGPC Logo applications*:
    Displaying Channels Acceptable Application

    Letterhead, Newsletter, Literature, Business Card

    Advertisement, Promotional Materials

    Product Catalogue

    Delivery Packaging

    Product Label/ Product Packaging

    Recruitment Page

    Other Applications Proposed By Members

    *For any other potential application(s) of the HKGPC Logo which is/are not specifically stated in the Table above, pre-approval must be sought and received from Green Council officials beforehand.

    To ensure that the HKGPC Logo is compliable with these Logo Use guidelines, HKGPC members should verify their Logo use and layout with Green Council before producing their promotional materials.